Alkame Water
The Elixir Of Life
Alchemy is the ancient science of transforming something common into something precious, and alchemists have long sought after the ever elusive Shangri La, the Elixir of Life, the Fountain of Youth. As modern science has progressed, so have we.

Science has long shown that sickness thrives in acidic environments and cannot survive in Alkaline environments. Alkaline, antioxidant, oxygenated water, also known as micro-structured, ionized or living water, has shown to improve health and vitality by flushing toxins, repairing and eliminating free radical damage, hydrating the body at the cellular level, and providing more readily available oxygen to the blood stream. We invite you to find the truth for yourself.

Alkalize yourself with Alkame when we launch our new series of health and longevity bottled waters this year.
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