Alkame® Water, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alkame Holdings Inc., is an innovative technology and health company that distributes bottled water with a patented technology and patented formula that alters the molecular structure of water, producing a combination of characteristics that are unprecedented in the beverage industry. Its patented technology restructures the water allowing for ultra-hydration, which improves health and vitality with its alkaline, antioxidant and oxygenated water. Health and eco-conscious people of all ages and walks from pro-athletes, actors and artists to everyday people and children reap the benefits of our unique water — down to its 100% recyclable eco-friendly packaging. Alkame® holds distributorship rights to market and sell bottled water in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
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Alkame is patented for high levels of stabilized dissolved oxygen, and the mild alkalinity is formulated for more effective hydration by supporting an optimal pH balanced body. Alkame is a powerful source of natural antioxidants which boost the immune system, improving aerobic capacity and enhancing energy and overall vitality.

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